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Important Baylink Shuttle
COVID -19 update

The Baylink Shuttle team care about the safety, health and wellbeing of our passengers and drivers.  We have already introduced additional cleaning measures to enhance the protection of people, in response to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 virus.


We are also closely monitoring Government announcements to ensure our actions are consistent with official health and transport advice.


While we recognise the important role the Baylink Shuttle plays in connecting the Wentworth Point and Rhodes communities, the past week has seen a significant decline in patronage of almost 60 percent, as many people change their behaviour and avoid non-essential travel.  The reduced numbers of passengers has allowed for greater social distancing on each trip.


The additional restrictions announced by Government and the ongoing bus services provided by TFNSW, means that fewer people may be using the Baylink service over the coming weeks.


We are continuing to monitor demand each day, however as more non-essential travel restrictions come into effect, the current frequency of the service may not be required and we expect a decision on this later this week.


The Billbergia Group remains committed to the Baylink Shuttle and to providing the services that make our communities such a great place to live.


  • Live tracking – Click hereto access the Baylink Shuttle online tracking page to see where buses are in real time.
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baylink shuttle wentworth point map april 2019

The Baylink Shuttle operates weekdays* between Wentworth Point and Rhodes, providing a regular service every 10 minutes in the morning and afternoon commuter periods and a 15-minute service during the day.

The Baylink Shuttle Express is an additional* weekday commuter service – providing direct connections between Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf, Marina Square and Rhodes train station every 10 minutes. *Not including public holidays.
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Baylink Shuttle stops

Regular service

  • Alora, Baywater Drive
  • Pulse, Stromboli Strait
  • Nuvolari Place, Hill Road – North bound
  • Verona Drive, Hill Road – North bound
  • Ferry Wharf, Wentworth Point School
  • Marina Square, Footbridge Boulevard
  • Rhodes Train Station
  • Gauthorpe Street
  • Wentworth Point Community Centre & Library, Footbridge Boulevard
  • Hill Road southbound ‘if requested’

Operating times

Morning service 6:00am – 9:15am Bus every 10 minutes

Day service 9:30am – 2:15pm Bus every 15 minutes

Afternoon service 2:30pm – 8:30pm Bus every 10 minutes

Express Service

  • Marina Square, Footbridge Boulevard
  • Rhodes Station, Walker Street
  • Wentworth Point Community Centre & Library, Footbridge Boulevard
  • Ferry Wharf, Wentworth Point School

Operating times

Morning service 6:35am – 9:15am Bus every 10 minutes

Afternoon service 3:00pm – 7:00pm Bus every 10 minutes

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